Friday, January 16, 2009

Plane crash

People have been wondering how a flock of birds managed to take out a plane.

My theory is that the plane was brought down by a Flock of Seagulls and that after taking down the plane, they ran... they ran so far away...

Thursday, January 8, 2009


My response to Salty Girl is still forthcoming, sorry it's been a busy week and I want to wait until I have a proper amount of time free to focus on it.

For now, I direct you to Arnold Kling's post comparing the forthcoming stimulus bill to the battle of the Somme as examples of colossally stupid decision making. It is a wonderful post.

His point at the end that, all things considered, he's happier watching the government make stupid decisions that merely wreck untold economic havoc rather than watching them make stupid decisions that cost thousands of young lives is well taken.

It could always be worse...

(I'm going to leave off my innate suspicion that if you wait long enough, it usually is.)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Red Letter Day!

First off, I feel I should apologize for my flurry of comments last Wed. As I mentioned, I hurriedly finished off a bunch of half-formed ones and got them out before I left town for the weekend. As we all know, haste makes waste and as I re-read them I realized that they were somewhat poorly written even by the admittedly low standards of this blog. So apologies for that.

Yet I can't feel completely bad about them as they had the salutary effect of drawing 5 brand new comments over the weekend! I feel like the blog has come alive.

Speaking of coming alive, one of the comments was from Elvis; I am glad to know that he's still kickin' and v. flattered to learn that he's a reader.

But perhaps even better were a couple of genuine, dyed-in-the-wool substantive comments in reaction to my pointing out the paternalism inherent in foodstamps and the followup post on bad decision making.(fn1)

I can't say how glad I was to see comments taking issue with my posts. I do think that Salty Girl misunderstands my positions on a few things and might have run away a bit in her comment arguing against things that she thinks I said that I don't believe I did. Regardless, it's these kinds of exchanges that are the lifeblood of our political system(fn2) and I look forward to continuing the discussion.

To that end, I shall have an in-depth response to them soon, with hopes that I do not too adversely affect Salty Girl's studies.

And while we're on the topic of posting, while it is my definite intention to keep up a steady schedule in the new year, the fact that we're amidst the busy year-end season at work and other issues might preclude that to some extent. So apologies in advance for light posting over the next few weeks.

Hope everyone's New Year's celebration was fun.

fn1: I feel like I need to make special note of Tom's comment too, so he doesn't feel left out as I mention all the other posters and not him...

fn2: Not to mention of a blog...