Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Form 1040DEM

On the topic of the apparent optionality of taxes for senior Democrats, this is funny:

UPDATE: Reader(fn1) CF chides me in the comments for insufficient attribution. My thinking was that the link to the Flickr account hosting the picture would have been enough esp. given that my half-dozen strong readership is generally familiar enough with me to know that I didn't make this up myself.

But since I can't afford to alienate any potential readers and, of course, I also value the readers I already have far too much to ever leave them with the idea that I've tried to steal another's work, here is the full attribution:

The fake form was created by Jeff Dobbs of The Voice in my Head who apparently got the idea from a comment by Ranger at JustOneMinute who was himself apparently inspired by a comment by DaveG at Ann Althouse's blog but Mr. Dobbs also credits this post from Clarice Feldman(fn2) at the American Thinker for laying it all out.

Whew! This attribution stuff is a pain! Guess I should just stick to my own rants and not link to anyone else's creations...

fn1: Or, I strongly suspect, not reader but random one-time commenter though I do hope he or she proves me wrong by reading a couple more posts and maybe even leaving additional comments...

fn2: It occurs to me that "CF" might possibly stand for "Clarice Feldman"? If so, how nice that my attribution correction will come full circle back to her!

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cf said...

You should credit Jeff Dobbs of VIMH the creator of this.