Tuesday, February 3, 2009

How about a refund?

Tom Daschle, forced today to withdraw his name from consideration for secretary of health and human services, must be kicking himself for having paid those back taxes now.

I mean, the only reason he paid them in the first place was because he had to in order to get this new post! And now he's out the taxes and doesn't even get the post!

Life can be so unfair.

On the plus side, if the Obama administration has taught us nothing else so far, it's that only suckers pay taxes.(fn1)

fn1: Unless you want to be nominated to some big post and even then it's okay, so long it's a really, really important post and you're really, really qualified.(fn2)

fn2: Qualified aside from, you know, willfully violating the tax laws that you are going to be in charge of enforcing in your new post.

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