Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I shall return

Although recent events have forced my retreat from the blog, I came through and I shall return.

Some time ago I began composing my promised response to Salty Girl and it is still forthcoming.

January found me hammered (fn1) and I am just now digging out. The end of the deluge at work is now within sight and I shall soon be free to resume my inchoate rantings about the many things that annoy me.

Stay tuned.

fn1: In what can only be considered an unusual turn of events to those who know me well, I was hammered with work and other obligations this time, rather than my more traditional sort of hammered.

1 comment:

saltygirl said...

welcome back! i was about to start stalking you! can't figure out how to post this comment w/ my new blog identity.. (yells loudly) TOM!